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Đề cương ôn tập học kỳ 2 (18-19) khối 10 - PHƯƠNG THẢO

Tổng hợp các dạng bài phù hợp với kết cấu đề thi do Sở GD đưa ra.






REVIEW OF THE 2ND TERM – E 10 - 2019

Tapescript: U12-10


all times loud actor lyrical  songs like author wrote Musician country


Lan Huong:   Hello, I’m Lan Huong. Our programme is “My favourite ___________(1)”.

   Now, our  guest tonight is Quang Hung, a well-known ___________(2)_. Welcome to the programme, Quang Hung.

Quang Hung: Thanks, Lan Huong.

Lan Huong:   Now Quang Hung, can you tell us about the Vietnamese musician you like

                        best, please?

Quang Hung: Sure. Recently, there have been quite a  few good musicians. Their _________(3)_are very popular and easy to listen to.

Lan Huong:   Do you like them?

Quang Hung: Well, I do like some of them. But I think the best Vietnamese musician of

                        ___________(4) is Van Cao. He’s really my favourite musician.

Lan Huong:   Van Cao, the _______________(5)_ of Tien Quan Ca? well, can you tell us why you like him?

Quang Hung: He’s a great musician. Just listen to Tien Quan Ca. Whenever I hear it, I want

                        to stand up and sing out as ______________(6)_ as possible. It’s hard and solemn. And I always feel proud of my ______________(7)__ when I hear it.

Lan Huong:   That’s true. It’s very rousing. Do you know when he __________(8) it?

Quang Hung: In 1944.

Lan Huong:   Do you _____________(9) any other songs by Van Cao?

Quang Hung: Oh, yes, lots of them. Especially the songs about rural life in Vietnam.

                        They are sweet and gentle, and very ________________(10)_.

Lan Huong:   Well, let me see if we can play one of the songs for you…



Tapescript: U13-10


   guess weekend Titanic singing suppose play instead picnic


Lan:        Hi, Huong, ………1..… on Thang Tam Cinema next week. Can you go with me on Wednesday?

Huong:    Wednesday? Sorry Lan. I have lots of work to do during the day and I’m going to the ………2……….. club at night.

                Can we go on Thursday,…………3…………?

Lan :        I don’t think so. I’m going to visit my grandparents on Thursday.

Huong:     Well, what about Monday? I …………4……….you are free on Monday.

Lan:         No, sorry. I’m going to see a …………5…….. with Tuyet on Monday. What about Friday?

Huong:    Sorry Lan. Friday is  not a good time for me. I’m taking Chinese  classes on Fridays. How does your…………6………  look like, Lan?

Lan:         Um… , I’m busy on Saturday. But I’m free the whole day Sunday.

Huong:     I’m going on a ………7……… Hoa Lu with some of my friends on Sunday. I’ll be back late at night.

Lan:          Well, I ………8………that we just leave … Uh, wait a second, what day are we both free, Huong?


Tapescript: U14-10


famous Brazil activities 1956 three 1977 controlling hero championship 1970


Pele is considered one of the greatest football players of all time. He was born in 1940 in …………1………. As a football player, Pele was ………2………… for his powerful kicking and ……3………. the ball. He joined a Brazilian football club in ……4………., and in 1962 he led the team to its first world club ……5………….. Pele became the only player to participate in ………6…….. World Cups in 1958, 1962, and ………7………….. By 1974, Pele had scored 1,200 goals and became a Brazilian national ………8……... He played for an American football club for two years before he retired in …………9……….. Later Pele became an international ambassador for the sport, working to promote peace and understanding through friendly sport…………10…………..





  1. A. because B. busy C. compose D. measure
  2. A. answer B. listen C. music D. solemn
  3. A. news B. songs C. feelings D. delights
  4. A. plays B. reads C. listens D. stops
  5. A. music B. classical C. famous D. slow



  1. A. photo B. form C. of D. fiction
  2. A. magazine B. thousand C. scientist D. musical
  3. A. century B. picture C. cinema D. silent
  4. A. silent B. film C. thriller D. situation
  5. A. century B. picture C. fiction D. question


    UNIT 14

  6. A. missed B. played C. called D. moved
  7. A. arrives B. hopes C. starts D. likes
  8. A. cup B. runner C. stadium D. fun
  9. A. team B. beat C. defeat D. great
  10. A. champion B. character   C. match D. cheerful




  1. A. integral B. different C. festival D. entertain
  2. A. mournful B. express C. fairy D. modern
  3. A. serious B. music C. relax D. energy
  4. A. violin B. serene C. express D. emotion
  5. A. favorite B. exciting C. solemn D. wonderful



  1. A. voyage B. valley C. village D. variety
  2. A. sequence B. suppose C. sinking D. suitcase
  3. A. disaster B. voyage C. luxury D. character
  4. A. cartoon B. fiction C. terrify D. interest
  5. A. discover B. character C. audience D. rapidly



  1. A. museum B. gallery C. harbours D. capital
  2. A. championship B. tournament C. retirement D. continent
  3. A.  early B.  enjoy C.  prepare D.  appear
  4. A. history B. audience C. cinema D. existence
  5. A. final B. title C. stadium D. eliminate  







1. I often switch off the heating saving money.

           A                 B           C       D

2. Scott Joplin, a well-known African American piano player, was born in 1868 and had died in 1917

                                      A                          B                                     C                               D                          

3. In order to not miss her bus, Melanie was hurrying.

              A       B             C                               D

4. To building their nests, tailorbirds use their bills as needles.

                  A                   B                            C           D

5. I like classical music because it is so relaxed.

               A                       B    C              D



  1. Your trip to Alaska   sounds absolutely fascinated. I’d love to go there.

                          A                    B                           C                                      D

  2. Grandfather Mountain, a highest mountain in the Blue Ridge mountain range, is in North Carolina.   

                                                       A                           B                                 C                D

  3. The comedian worked hardlyto entertainthe children in the hospital.  

           A                                      B            C                   D

  4.  They felt frustrate at the lack of progress and insisted that we should speed up.

                              A                    B                               C                         D

  5.  He got horrifiedly when he discovered the conditions in which they lived

                            A                               B                                      C                D


     UNIT 14


    1. If they had started sooner, they wouldn’t have miss the bus.

    A              B                                C             D

    2. How far does it take to get to the new railway station? – 5 minutes

             A                               B                             C                         D

    3. Are you interesting in working for us?

         A                 B       C      D

    4. Last month we met a person who made up the story about friendship between you to her.

            A                                B                                     C                                          D

  6. It was not until she was 10 that she knows how to write with her right hand.

                       A                           B            C                  D



  1. Pop music is very popular __________young people.

    A. on B. at                                 C. of D. with

  2. Music lulls babies to sleep _________ night.

    A. on B. at                                 C. of D. with

  3. Music wakes students up _________ the morning.

    A. in B. at                                 C. about D. with

  4. My mother often listens _______ folk music.

    A. on B. to                                 C. in D. at

  5. Tien Quan Ca makes us feel great and proud ____ our country.

    A. on B. at                                 C. of D. with

  6. She was really excited _______ the music show from England.

    A. with B. about C. of D. in

  7. We all stand _____ while singing the song.

    A. on B. at                                 C. down D. up

  8. She told us the news _____ the radio the previous day.

A. on B. at                                 C. of D. with



  1. The cinema changed completely ______ the end of the 1920s.
  1. on B. at C. in D. of
  1. The film is based________the true sory of the Titanic disaster.
  1. at B. in C. on D. of
  1. This disaster occurred ______1912.
  1. on B. at C. over D. in
  1. Tom is interested _____ astronomy.
  1. in B. of C. under D. to
  1. Mary is always worried ________ her weight.
  1. at B. on C. In D. about
  1. She rarely goes out in the evening because she is busy ______ her babies.

    A. on B. at C. with D. to

  2. Human beings are responsible _______ the changes in the environment.

    A. on B. at C. to D. for

  3. John, my friend, is afraid _______ going out at night.
  1. at B. for C. of D. off
  1. She was tired _____ the programme, so she turned off the TV.
  1. with B. of C. at D. on
  1. When you are ______ a boat, you should try to balance your body.
  1. at B. on C. of D. under



1. Do you take part __________ the school football team? – No, I cannot play football so well.

A. on B. in C. of D. at  

2. Pelé is famous _________________ in his football records.

A. on B. in C. of D. for  

3. Many different kinds of metal are attracted   magnets.

A. on B. to C. of D. for  

4. I’m not very clever maths.

A. on B. in C. of D. at  

5. Everybody should be made aware the risks involved.

A. on B. in C. of D. at  

6. The children quickly got bored  staying indoors.

A. with B. to C. of D. for  

7. I'm not too happy  her living alone.

A. about B. in C. of D. at  

 8. I wasn't too keen  going to the party.

A. with B. to C. on D. for  

9. These policies are unlikely to prove popular   middle-class voters.

A. about B. with C. of D. at  

10. My teaching style is similar  that of most other teachers. 

A. with B. to C. of D. for  




  1. After his performance, the _____ clapped for five minutes.

    A. character B. hearer C. audience D. owner

  2. A _____ is a large ship that carries passengers.

    A. liner B. ship C. boat D. yacht

  3. He was killed in a _____ accident at the age of 24.

    A. tragic B. frightened C. comic D. great

  4. The Titanic sank on its first ________.

    A. voyage B. journey C. tip D. tour

  5. There’s a love story in it, and it’s very funny. I suppose you’d call it a ______.

A. horror film B. detective film C. romantic comedy D. thriller


  1. Germany was the .........nation of the 2006 World Cup final

    a. held b. host c. house d. hold

  2. Uraguay .......... Argentia in the final match of the first World Cup

    a. passed b. defeated c. wined d. managed

  3. Brazil became the first team to ......the trophy five times

    a. win b. succeed c. beat d. bite

  4. World Cup is considered the most ..... sporting event in the world

    a. interest b. liking c. popular d. favourite

  5. The 13th World Cup was ...... in Mexico in 1986

a. put b. placed c. set d. held




  1. He's really delighted with his new CD player.

A. pleased B. angry C. entertained D. annoyed

2. Vietnamese folk songs are sweet, gentle and very lyrical:

A. high quality B. tuneful C. prosaic D. emotional

3. When you are stressed out at work, you should listen to something serene and relaxing.

A. restful           B. quiet C. gentle                       D. sweet

4. Music is a very integral part of our life

A. quiet              B. essential                  C. annoyed                   D. gentle                        

5. My Tam is one of the most well-known singers in Viet Nam.

A. actors B. entertained C. essential                   D. famous

6. Music can express ideas, thoughts and feelings.

A. high quality B. tuneful C. show D. emotional

7. He finds it hard to express his emotion.

A. high quality B. tuneful C. prosaic D. feeling.

8. It’s the combination of words and action.

A. integral B. tuneful C. mixture D. relaxing

9. This birthday party is a big surprise

A. astonish B. true C. prosaic D. essential                             

10. She is patient and strong so she can overcome the challenges.

A. pleased B. angry C. entertained D. Powerful


  1. Film industry developed rapidly during the 20th century.

    A. clearly B. easily C. gradually D. quickly

  2. In the first decade of the 20th century, films were short and had no sound.

    A. a period of one hundred years B. a period of one thousand years

    C. a period of ten years D. a period of fifty years

  3. The main character is played by Nicole Kidman.       
  1. actress B. a person in a film C. film maker D. director    
  1. This island was discovered by a fisherman 50 years ago.
  1. created B. formed C. found D. produced
  1. At the end of the 1920s, a new cinema form appeared, the musical cinema
  1. replaced B. went away C. emerged D. run
  1. The cinema ticket changed depending on the time of day.
  1. stopped B. continued C. formed D. varied
  1. From that time, film makers were prepared to make longer and better film.
  1. arranged B. exhausted C. pleased C. helped
  1. In the first two decades of its existence, the cinema developed rapidly.
  1. progressed B. run C. flew D. imitated



  1. How many countries took part in the first World Cup?

    A. interested B. participated C. competed D. co-operated  

  2.  By July 2006, the world had witnessed eighteen World Cup tournaments.

    A. planed B. hosted C. seen D. noticed

  3. The World Cup is considered the most popular sporting event in the world.

     A. organized B. competed C. witnessed D. regarded  

  4. There is no doubt that Germany will hold the World Cup 2006 successfully.

    A. organize B. work C. drop D. welcome

  5. The two winners will move onto a one-game final to determine the champion.

    A. victor B. leader C. guardian D. defender

  6. Founded in 1930 with just 13 teams, the tournament now attracts more than 140 countries.

    A. Established B. Produced C. Started D. Erected

  7. The World Cup is followed with great interest around the globe- the final game of the 1994 tournament was played to a television audience of more than 1 million viewers.

    A. finishing B. extreme C. decisive D. last

  8. These are all-star, professional teams composed of 22 players each.

    A. qualified B. handy C. practiced D. special

  9. The host nation was Uruguay and it defeated Argentina in the final.

    A. creamed B. vanquished C. suppressed D. beat

  10. The loser will be out of the tournament.

A. competition B. audience C. champion D. witness




  1. __________________________- Yes, I do.

    A. Do you like listening to music?                 B. How often do you listen to music?

    C. When do you often listen to music            D. What kind of music do you like?

  2. What is your favourite band? - _____________________________.

    A. At night                                                      B. Classical music

    C. To feel relax                                  D. The Backstreet Boys

  3. _____ do you always go to school ? __ By bus.

    A. What B. Who C.Which D. How

  4. "_________having a swim in the river?" -"That's a good idea."

    A. Why don't B. How about C. Why aren't D. Shall we

  5. “………….”           - “Rock  ‘n’ roll”.    
  1. What kind of musical instrument can you play?
  2. What kind of music do you like?

C. Which is your favorite music band?  

D. Who is playing the guitar?




  1. A doctor.

    A. Who will be interviewed first ? B. What does that man do?

    C. Who is that man over there ? D. All are correct .

  2. Vietnam and England.

    A. Which language can you speak ?   B. What countries did you visit ?

    C. Where were you this morning ?         D. Why ?

  3. Ten minutes’ walk .

    A. How far is it from your house to your school ?

    B. Where is your school ?   

    C. How long have you stayed in London ? D. How do you travel ?

  4. __________________________- Yes, I do.

       A. Do you like listening to music?                    B. How often do you listen to music?

       C. When do you often listen to music              D. What kind of music do you like?

  5. What kind of music is your favourite? - _____________________________.

  A. At night                                                        B. Classical

  C. To feel relax                                  D. The Backstreet Boys


  1. Tom : “_______________________”? – Daisy:  “ She loves pop music”

    A. Why she does listen to music B. what kind of music does she like

    C. What is her favourite band D. When does she listen to music

  2. Mary:  “_________________________?” - David:  “ It’s Brazil.”

    A. Why do you love football B. When do you like playing football

    C. What football player do you like D. What is your favourite football team

  3. John : “ Which teams played in the final match ?” – Bob : “__________”.

    A. Uruguay and Argentina      B. In Uruguay       C. In 1930 D. Uruguay

  4. A: “ What should you do to protect the oceans ? “ – B: “__________”.
  1. We should pollute water B. We shouldn’t use so many cars.

    C. We should kill many sea animals D. We should learn all we can about the oceans.

  1. - A:  “One of my teeth is loose”.  - B: “I think ______________”

A. you should go to to dentist             B. he should go to to dentist

C. should go to to scientist                   D. you should brush your teeth


Adjective of attitude


  1. He was an ____ storyteller. We were ____ and laughed a lot.

    A. amusing / amusing B/ amused / amusing

    C.  amusing / amused       D. amused / amused

  2. Yesterday she heard _____ news. She was so ____ that she could not say anything.

    A. surprising / surprised B. surprised / surprising    

    C. surprising / surprising     D. surprised / surprised

  3.  She was very ___ about her final exam. It was a ____ event because she had not studied well enough.

    A. worrying / worried B. worried / worrying C. worrying / worrying       D. worried / worried

  4.  The film was built up to be a masterpiece but I found it rather ______.

  Many audiences failed to hide their ______ feelings.

A. disappointing / disappointed B. disappointed / disappointing

C. disappointing / disappointing D. disappointed / disappointed





The FIFA World Cup, occasionally called the Football World Cup, but usually referred to simply as the World Cup, is an international football competition contested by the men's national teams of the members of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the sport's global governing body. The championship has been awarded every four years since the first tournament in 1930, except in 1942 and 1946 when it was not contested because of World War II.

The current format of the tournament involves 32 teams competing for the title at venues within the host nation(s) over a period of about a month. This phase is often called the World Cup Finals. A qualification phase, which currently takes place over the preceding three years, is used to determine which teams qualify for the tournament together with the host nation(s). The World Cup is the most widely-viewed sporting event in the world, with an estimated 715.1 million people watching the 2006 final. The most recent World Cup was held in Germany in 2006. The next World Cup will be held in Brazil in 2014.

1. What does ‘FIFA” stand for?

A. Fédération Internationale de Football Association

B. Fédération Nationale de Football Association

C. Fédéral Internationale de Football Association

D. Fédération Nationale de Foot Association

  1. Why wasn’t “World cup 1942 and 1946” held?

    D. because of Civic War. B. because of World War I.

    C. because of Cold War.             A. because of World War II.

  2. Today the final tournament of the World Cup has __________ teams.

    A. 23 B. 32 C. 42 D. 24

  3. How many people watched the 2009 World Cup final?

    A. about 715.1 billion B. about 751.1 million

    C. about 517.1 million D. about 715.1 million

  4. Where will the 2014 world cup be held?

A. in China B. in England C. in Brazil D. in Germany








Read the passage carefully and choose the word that best fills in each blank

 In the 1960s, the Beatles were probably the most famous pop group in the (64) ___ world. Since then, there have been a great many groups that have (65) ____ enormous fame, so it is perhaps difficult now to imagine (66) ____ sensational the Beatles were at the time. They were four boys from north of England and none of them had any (67) ____ in music. The Beatles changed pop music. They were the first pop group to achieve great (68) ____ from songs they had written themselves. After that it became common for groups and singers to write their own songs.

1. A. whole B. most C. all D. every

  1. A. made B. achieved C. found D. done
  2. A. what B. when C. why D. how
  3. A. training B. teaching C. playing D. performing
  4. A. will B. success C. attainment D. failure




WORD FORM Supply the correct form of the words in the brackets .



  1. Ly is a very ________ child
  2. Scott was born in Texas in a poor family but _________ black family
  3. He thinks some of Van Cao’s __________ is very sweet and gentle.



  4. People can use music to _____________ - especially their feelings
  5. Like language, music is used to ________.
  6. The ________ of  Dolphil is through their sounds



  7. In fact, music as _____________ has always been a big business.
  8. He worked as an _________ for a year before moving to LA.
  9. An _________ is any activity which permits people to amuse themselves in their leisure time.



  10. Our _______ is a developing country.
  11. Tien Quan Ca is our _________Anthem.


  12. Like a lot of men, he finds it hard to express his ______________. (emotional)
  13. I think love and respect can __________ our relationship. (strong)
  14. To live my life _______, I share happiness with everyone. (success)
  15. Beethoveen is one of my favourite ______________.(compose)




  1. I'm not an astronaut. If I._____(be)an astronaut, I would take my camera with me on the rocket ship.
  2. If we (have) ______________ more time, I would tell you more about it.
  3. If I spoke English, my job (be) _______________ easier.
  4. If he (go) __________________ to London yesterday, he would have met his old friend.
  5. If you_________ (not answer) all of my questions, I can’t do anything to help you.
  6. 'Here's my phone' number.
  7. 'Thanks, I _________(give)you a call if I need some help.
  8. Sea water is salty. If the oceans_________(consist) of fresh water, there would be plenty of water to irrigate all of the deserts in the world.
  9. If the train were late, we_______to the office.(walk)
  10. If it_______too much, I will buy the smaller one.(cost)
  11. What will we do if the taxi________?(come)
  12. If you had drove more carefully, you________( have) so many accidents.
  13. If he________(get) up earlier, he’d get to work on time.
  14. I’d have done it if he________(ask) me.
  15. Where would you like to live if you (not live) _______________ in Paris?
  16. If I (be) _________________ you, I wouldn’t worry about going to the university.
  17. I could help you if you (trust) ______________ me more.
  18. If you (sell) ______________ more products, you would earn more money.
  19. If he (get) ______________ up earlier, he would get to work on time.
  20. If I (have) ________________ any money, I would have given you some.
  21. I wouldn’t have minded having children if I (live) _______________ in the country.
  22. His car (be) _________________ a lot safer if he had bought some new tyres.
  23. If the train (be) ……………………….. late, we will walk
  24. She will call if she (have) ………………….. time.
  25. If it costs too much, I (buy) ……………. A smaller one.
  26. If the class (be) ………………… full, we will find another one.
  27. What will we do if the taxi (not come) ………………….. ?
  28. Will you phone me if there (be) ………………….. any problem?
  29. I (ask)…………………… Peter if I see him tomorrow.
  30. I will go next week if I (get) ……………… a train ticket.
  31. If he (get) ______________ up earlier, he would get to work on time.
  32. If you had phoned me last night, I (wait) __________ for you.
  33. If he (meet) _________________ you yesterday, he would have invited you to his party.
  34. If I (not go) __________________ out last night, I would have met him.
  35. If we (have) ______________ more time, I would tell you more about it.
  36. If you (sell) ______________ more products, you would earn more money.
  37. I could help you if you (trust) ______________ me more.
  38. Where would you like to live if you (not live) _______________ in Paris?
  39. If I spoke English, my job (be) _______________ easier.
  40. If I (be) _________________ you, I wouldn’t worry about going to the university.
  41. If you had phoned me last night, I (wait) __________ for you.
  42. If he (meet) _________________ you yesterday, he would have invited you to his party.
  43. If I (not go) __________________ out last night, I would have met him.
  44. If he (go) __________________ to London yesterday, he would have met his old friend.
  45. If I (have) ________________ any money, I would have given you some.
  46. I wouldn’t have minded having children if I (live) _______________ in the country.
  47. His car (be) _________________ a lot safer if he had bought some new tyres.
  48. The children would have been better swimmers if they (go) ________________ swimming more frequently.
  49. children would have been better swimmers if they (go) ________________ swimming more frequently.




  1. He fell down when he (run) towards the church.
  2. At 5 o’clock yesterday evening, I (iron)_____ my clothes.
  3. I (walk) along the street when I suddenly heard footsteps behind me.
  4. The boys broke a window while they (play) _ football.
  5. When my mum got home,I (cook) _________
  6. By the time I (get)  ___________to the dentist, the pain in my tooth  had stopped.
  7. He found a watch in the street, and then (try) ________ to return it to the loser.
  8. While her husband was in the army, Janet (write)  to him twice a week.
  9. They (build) _________________ a building at the corner now.
  10. At the moment, she (take) _________________ an English course.
  11. We (have) _________________ breakfast at home right now.
  12. At present, the children (play) _________________ football.
  13. Listen ! My teacher (explain) _________________ the lesson clearly .
  14. Mary (wait) _________________ for Lan at this time yesterday.
  15. At 3 p.m yesterday, my mother (cook) _________________ for dinner.
  16. When I came, they (have) _________________ dinner.
  17. She (watch) ________________ T.V while I (do) ________________homework last night.
  18. We ( play) _________________ football at 5 p.m yesterday.
  19. Nam _______________ French  and Janpese at the moment(learn)
  20. Peter ________ at the moment, so he can’t answer the telephone.(work)
  21. Where’s Nam? – He ____________in his room.(study)
  22. Be quiet ! The baby_________(sleep)
  23. Where is Peter? He ____________ a bath.(take)
  24. Look! The policeman ____________after a pick pocket.(run)
  25. The farmers ____________in the field now.(work)
  26. Now my sister ____________ shopping with my mother(go)
  27. Listen! Someone ___________ in the next room.(cry)
  28. It’s 12 o’clock, and my parents __________  lunch in the kitchen.(cook)
  29. Keep silent! You _________ so loudly.(talk)
  30. My brother _____________ next to the beautiful girl over there at present(sit)
  31. Listen! I____________ somebody knocking at the front door.(hear)
  32. When my mum got home,I  _________ dinner. (cook)
  33. At 6 o’clock yesterday I____________ for you  at the  station(wait)
  34. When I  entered the room ,he ___________to the radio.(listen)
  35. My mother ____________ dinner for me while my teacher came.(cook)
  36. They _____________  that bridge when  I was  here last year. (build)
  37. The baby suddenly cried  while her mother  _________________the dishes.(wash)


Rewrite each of the following sentences without changing its original meaning



  1. I didn’t watch T.V last night because I was busy.

    -> If ___________________________________________________ .

  2. I didn’t see the signal,so I didn’t stop.

    -> If ___________________________________________________ .

  3. We got lost because we didn’t have a map.

    -> If ___________________________________________________ .

  4. We stayed up late last night so we were so tired.

    -> If ___________________________________________________ .

  5. He wasn’t able to answer the questions, so he failed the exam.

    -> If ___________________________________________________.

  6. Peter was very nervous so he failed the driving test.

    -> If ___________________________________________________ .

  7. I didn’t take a taxi because I didn’t have any money on me.

-> If __________________________________________________ .

Make questions for the underlined words or phrases in the following sentences.

1.  The opera was first performed in 1992.

      ->  _______________________________?

2. Mary lives at 25 Quang Trung Street.

      -> _______________________________?

3. Our break lasted 10 minutes yesterday.

     -> _______________________________?

4. They visited the museum yesterday.

     -> _______________________________?

5. They went to Hue by bus.

-> _______________________________?

6. Ngoc visits his grandmother’s house twice a week.

-> _______________________________?

7. He didn’t go to school yesterday because he was ill.

-> _______________________________?

8. Mrs. Baker lives in Australia with  three children.


9. He earned a hundred dollars a week last year


10.I often listen to music at night




What  ……………….   for ?

1.  I wrote a letter to Nam to invite him to my party.

      ->  _______________________________?

2. Mary has a party to celebrate Ann’s birthday.

      -> _______________________________?

3. Our daughter saved money to buy a doll.

     -> _______________________________?

4. They visited the museum yesterday to understand the events clearly.

     -> _______________________________?

5. They went to Hue to visit their grandparents.

-> _______________________________?

6. Ngoc goes to the post office to send a letter.

-> _______________________________?

7. We practise speaking English every day to improve our English.

-> _______________________________?

8. Mrs. Baker studies French to sing French songs.


9. My husband listens to music all day to release stress


10.I often listen to music at night to fall asleep






1. Cinema did not become an industry until 1915.

àIt was not until _______________________________________________________________.

2. I didn’t understand him until I met you .

à It was not until ______________________________________________________________.

3. He didn’t become a musician until 1989  

à It was not until ______________________________________________________________.

4. I did not recognize him until he talked to me yesterday.
àIt was not until ______________________________________________________________.

5. I didn’t know you until I became your teacher .
à It was not until ______________________________________________________________.

6. She didn’t become a teacher until 1990 .
à It was not until ______________________________________________________________.

7. I didn’t know how to ride a bicycle until I was 10 .
à It was not until ______________________________________________________________.

8. He didn’t know how to swim until he was 30.

à It was not until ______________________________________________________________.

9. The football match didn’t start until the lights were on.

à It was not until ______________________________________________________________.

10.The boy didn’t do his homework until his father came home.

à It was not until _______________________________________________________________



In order to /  so as to  or   to infinitive

  1. He went out so that He could buy some bread


  2.  The man asked to speak loudly in order that he could hear clearly


  3.  Mary put the novel under her pillow so that She could read it before falling asleep.


  4.  I am saving up so that I can buy a bicycle


  5. I bought this book so that I could give it to my son


  6. Dung goes out in order that he can post a letterà
  7.  We are learning English so that we can get a good job






The end




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