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Exercises Unit 6 & 7 Grade 10

Các dạng bài tập cơ bản trong bài kiểm tra 1 tiết hoặc bài thi học kỳ.

Name :_________________

Class: ____________



  1.  A. teacher B. together C. other D. term
  2. A. excursion B. church C. Thursday D. about
  3. A. close B. pagoda C. house D. bone
  4. A. town B. mouse C. cow D. coat
  5. A. bowl B. phone C. note D. how
  6. A. play B. today C. radio D. type
  7. A. time B. wildlife C. height D. family
  8. A. toy B. enjoy C. voice D. they
  9. A. nine B. ride C. interfere D. Friday
  10. A. mind B. kind C. life D. visit


                        PART 2: PREPOSITION

(prevented sb from ; proud of, plug in, look after, day off , anxious about sth, suffer from sth, in common, aware of , interfere with sth)

  1. She is anxious ________ her parents’permission. B. in C.about D. on

  2. Television interferes ________ family life and communication.

    A.with B. on C. to D. of

  3. It makes us aware ______ our global responsibilities.

    A.of B. from C. on D. off

  4. What features do they have _______ common? B. over C. on D. at

  5. Daisy had to look ________ her younger brother when she was small.

    A.on B. after C. of D. into

  6. You have to make sure the cord is plugged _____ if you want to use the remote control.

    A. in B. on C. for D. from

  7. Next month, we will have some days ______..

    A.from B. at C. for D. off

  8.  This patient has been suffered _______ the constant pains.

    A.of B. to C. from D. on

  9. Poverty prevents him ________ having proper schooling.

A.from B. at C. off D.of



  1. A. anxious B. campfire C. guitar D. glorious
  2. A. formation B. destination C. excursion D. convenient
  3. A. delicious B. botanical C. permit D. leftovers
  4. A. lotus B. persuade C. resort D. complain
  5. A. refreshment B. conversation C. information D. picturesque
  6. A. aware B. cartoon C. release D. drama
  7. A. aurally B. advantage C. comedy D. memorable
  8. A. documentary B. popularity C. distinctive D. interfere
  9. A. encourage B. visually C. portrait D. violent
  10. A. understand B. introduce C. recommend D. difference



  1. Listen to those people. What language _______________?

    A. are they speaking B. do they speak C. have they spoke D. did they speak  

  2. Ann didn’t see me wave to her. She ______________ in the other direction

    A. looked B. was looking C. looks D. has looked

  3. The baby suddenly cried  while her mother  _________________the dishes

    A. washes B. is washing C. were washing D. was washing

  4. The students _____________ their homework in the next room right now.

    A. are doing B. do C. were doing D. had done

  5. At the moment, Mary __________________ some letters.

    A. type B. types C. is typing D. was typing

  6. Oh, I feel terrible. I think I __________________be sick.

    A. am going to B. will C. would D. have

  7. Mr Tan hear Ms Kitty has won a lot of money . What _________she going to do with it ?

    A. is B. was C. will D. has

  8. Tom __________ his examination. He hasn’t done any work for it.

    A. won’t pass B. will pass C. is passing D. is going to pass

  9. We ____________ you some postcards when we’re on holiday.

    A. will send B. are sending C. shall be sent D. are going to be sent

  10. ____________ you please be quiet ? I’m trying to concentrate.

A. Will B. May C. Are D. Have




1. Social customs _______ from country to country

A. varied B.vary C.varying D.varies

2. Switzerland is famous for its scenic ___________

A. Beautify B.beautiful C. beautifully D. beauty

3. He emphasized the importance of ________

A. Peaceful B.peace C.peacefully D.unpeaceful

4. Maybe she wasn't ___________ with the way her parents lived

A. Happily B. happy C.happiness D.unhappy



  1. Brad: “Congratulations!”

       Brown:” ___________________”

    A. What a pity! B. Thank you. C. I’m sorry. D. You are welcome

  2. Claire: “What a lovely house you have!”

       Tom: “____________”

    A. I think so B. Your’re welcome C.Of course D. Thank you

  3. Alice:”What shall we do this weekend?”

       Carol: “_______________”

    A. Went out for dinner B. Oh, that’s good C. Let’s go out for dinner D.No problem

    4.  Thao: “Do you fancy a coffee?”

        Huong: “______________”

    A. Oh dear   B. Everything is okay C. Oh, yes. I’d love one D. How do you do?

  4. John: “Do you get much exercise?”

       Frank: “________________”

    A. I usually do B. Yes, I do C. How about you? D. Very often

  5. Emily: “Why do you walk so fast?”

       Lisa: “__________”

    A. I’m in hurry B. Yes, I’m okay C. Good. I like it D. Not at all

  6. Jenna: “Excuse me! Where is the post office?”

       Mandy: “____________

    A. Don’t worry B. I’m afraid not C.Yes, I think so   D.It’s over there

  7. Jones: “Happy New Year”

          Charles: “______________”

    A. You are the same! B. The same to you

    C. Same for you D.Happy New Year with you

  8. Max: “Let’s jogging”

       Peggy: “__________”

    A. I quite agree with you B. Yes, I will

    C. That’s a good idea, but I am busy D. I need it

  9. Peter: ”How often do you go to school?”

   Harry: “_________________”

A. I go there early B. Everyday except Sunday

C.I don’t think so D. I got there by bus


  1. About one hundred buildings and houses have destroyed in the earthquake.

                 A B C              D

  2. Tom has finished his homework before he went downtown.

              A          B          C        D

  3. Ho Chi Minh city, that has the biggest population, is also the largest city in my country.

                    A         B           C        D

  4. I won’t go to school tomorrowunless I don’t  feel better.

        A               B      C     D

  5. Dennis used tosmokinga lot a year ago

       A      B    C        D


1. The cottage is surrounded by the most glorious countryside.

A. ordinary B. honorable C. beautiful D. gloomy

2. Your tour includes a one-day excursion to the Grand Canyon by air.

A. Camping B. travel  C. tour D. visit

3. He did finally come with us, although it took a long time to..........him.

A. Believe B. permit C. persuade D. take

4. You are not ………… to camp here

A. Permitted B. visited C. protected D. decided

5. He was very fat, so he decided to buy a ……. car so that he could easily  move around in it

A. bad B. cheap C. spacious D. small

6. In this resort, you can enjoy all the comfort and convenience of modern tourism

A. place where people go on holiday B. place where people go to work

C. place where people go to church D. place where people go to school

8. Sunday is the only day when I can relax  

A. swim B. rest C. work D. learn

9. My daughter is sleep very soundly now

A. bad  B. good C. badly D. well



Listening: Listen to the tape and choose the best answers :

It was a glorious Sunday. We met at the school gate  on time and __________(1) to the Botanical Garden (2)_______. It was along way to our (3)__________and we sang merrily all the way. The Botanical Garden was a ________ (4)place. We made a short tour round the garden and took  some pictures of the whole class. Then we played a lot of games on a (5)_______piece of grassland. One of the boys brought along his guitar and we sang our favourite songs. We laughed, talked and danced,too. After a delicious meal with various kinds of food that we brought, we all took a rest. Some of us slept very soundly because it was so _________(6) and quiet there. In the afternoon, we went on playing some more games. Then we packed up the left-overs and returned home. We all felt __________(7)



Thien Mu pagoda is also known as Linh Mu pagoda. It is one of (1) ______ most beautiful and ancient architectural structures of wordship in Hue. The pagoda is (2) ______ on Ha Khue hill, on the left bank of the Perfume River. It was built in the 14th century, according (3) ______ a legend about the prediction of a fairy lady so it was named Thien Mu, (4) ______ means “A fairy lady from the heaven”.

A. a B. an C. the D. no article

A. situated B. lain C. put D. laid

A. for B. to C. with D. in

A. who B. whom C. that D. which




Rewrite the sentences using  because of”

  1. Nhi doesn’t go to school because she is ill.

    -> _________________________________

  2. Jim is often punished because he is lazy.

    -> _________________________________

  3. English is learned by millions of students because it is important.

    -> __________________________________

  4. These people live unhappily because they are very poor.

    -> __________________________________

  5. All the students love the principal because he is very kind.



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